There Lives Depend On An Owner, Or Are Distroyed By Bad People

animals lives arent really fare, are there animals that are actually FREE these days, as in they dont get disturbed by any type of human activity? dogs and cats and household pets are going to have there lives controlled by there owners, so they dont really get what they want, yer, a lot of them will have a really good life, but what about the ones that dont? Wild animals arent really wild, they always have humans pocking there noses in on there lives, some there to help and some there to ruin there lives, why can they just be free, like they should be? why should humans take control over every living form?
sezy sezy
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2007

Good point, but what is freedom any way? So long as the animals are "happy' and are not being abused, is the main thing, for now. Man can only strive towards perfection. We would be doing better to try and stop wars where children are being used as soldiers, than worrying about a panda bear in a Zoo.