I Feel Bad For Animals

I love animals, I feel so bad for the homeless dogs and cats, I wish I could help them.  I remember when I was 9 I found a cute puppy which was been thrown out by the owner, I brought it home to my mom told me to bring it back. We used to have a cat, after it scratched our furniture my dad got so mad that he told me to go with the cat outside and leave it behind. I went outside with it and was holding it and cried, and brought it back home.

I hate those factories who use animals as guinea pigs and try toxious substances on them, that is torture I wish I could burn those factories up.

Every time I go to a animal store, I feel so bad for the birds in the cages, they want to be free and be able to fly not to spent their whole life's in cages, that is torture. Same with the other animals who live in cages like guinea pigs, mice, hamster etc. (I had a hamster but I let it run free in my house and in the garden, my hamsters had a great life)

I really feel bad for pigs, chickens and other animals who were born to be eaten, We used to live on a farm when I was 5, I watched my dad when he killed a pig, It shocked me I ran into the house and cried, that is more then 13 years ago but I still remember how it looked and I think i will remember that my whole life.

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If you want to stop supporting companies that admittedly test on animals I would suggest looking at www.caringconsumer.com. I keep a copy of the companies that DO test on animals in my wallet so I can avoid buying any of their products. I have emailed all of the companies myself and they have responded, admitting they practice animal testing. I would encourage you to send an email to at least a couple companies stating that until they stop testing, you will not continue to support them by buying their products. <br />
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A great book that you might like is Jane Goodall's autobiography "Reasons for Hope". It's very much along the line of your story.<br />
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I'm with the two of you on this one. I'm one of those people who can just NEVER see an animal suffer without doing something about it. Animal abusers are the absolute worst. All my life I've wanted a horse, so when i was on vactaion once with my friend and found a horse that had been both abused and neglected, i nearly lost it. Lucky for the owner he was not home, cause my friend had to stop me from breaking down the door to get to the guy. She dragged me back to our cabin, where (at first) i settled for calling the SPCA. Then i got fed up of waiting, threw on some sneakers and went back to the horse. The poor thing was so skinny, and caked in la<x>yers on dung, i nearly cried, and I'm not the crying type. Despite concerned pleas from my friend, i hopped the fence into the horse's paddock. He was scared i was gonna hurt him and backed into a corner. I offered him a carrot from my pocket and he warmed right up to me. He let me scratch behind his ears and pet his neck. He was a very sweet horse. Just then we heard a car pull up. I hopped back over the fence, ready to do some serious damage on anyone who could treat a horse this way, but my friend pulled me away. The SPCA ended up taking him in, and though i couldn't adopt him (my barn out back is ragged and falling down) I sleep a lot better at night knowing he's away from the horrible people who treated him so wrong.<br />
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I live on a farm too. I saw the vet kill a sheep, but when he shot it, it never died. I felt bad. The worst was when my dad told me my favorite cow had to go to market. I loved that cow. She was so calm and I always went to the barn to put the machine on her. I cried when he told me she was going to market. I had named her Lily and her number was 10. I use that number as my jersey number for every sport I play.