Feeling So Much Better Today Than Yesterday -- Thank Heavens!

Yesterday was pretty rough for me. I was depressed and very
anxious for the greater majority of the day, and just afraid of
dealing with the world even though I didn't have to set foot
outside my house even once yesterday.

Our finances have been a huge stressor. We have 14 dollars
to see us through to pay day and need gas for 2 vehicles
between now and then. I'm not getting along with my husband
and I do shoulder the blame for that quite a bit. I know there's
a lot of things I could improve out in my life.

Bottom line, though, I woke up feeling a lot better today. The
anxiety is still there, but my frame of mind is totally different. I
feel happy and I don't feel that entire sense of impending
doom. Don't feel lonely and don't need anyone's reassurance
to feel ok today.

I am happy to be alive today.
Tsirian527 Tsirian527
26-30, F
Jun 1, 2010