There Is A Crack In My Heart And It Wont Heal

Am young beautiful . I have good friends. I love to cook swim dance travel. Am normal okay alive.But thats on the outside. Trully in my heart am broken. Ilive day to day broken wondering who I can tell so that the pain can go away. Sometimes for days on end I cant get rid of this feeling no I cant I hate living my life this way. I don't know why am broken its not by a guy or any expirience. For a while I thought depression but now I really do not know.
Nawega Nawega
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Hi, my hearts gotta big crack too. i cant break out of my broken being either. I cant even hide in my own home and i just wanted to say something to you, so maybe you wouldnt feel so alone. since this is what ep is for so we can talk to one another or help one another. so my straggaly mugg is smiling right now and trying to hope that for just a bit, you might be able to smile too. God bless you.