There Is A Crack In My Heart And It Wont Heal

Am young beautiful . I have good friends. I love to cook, swim, dance, travel. Am normal,okay, alive.But that is on the outside. Truly in my heart am broken. I Iive day to day broken wondering who I can tell so that the pain can go away. Sometimes for days on end I cant get rid of this feeling no I cant I hate living my life this way. I don't know why am broken its not by a guy or any experience. For a while I thought depression but now I really do not know.
Nawega Nawega
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Sounds like you need a support group, counseling, or even good friend to talk things out. Oh yea, you did say you have good friends. If you cannot comfy in your friend, talk to a lay-leader of the church, that is their job, and have been trained to handle situations like yours.

Thanks av been trying to be positive some days it helps but not always. Thanks.

there is both postive and negative from the same source, the only way to move on from the inner broken is to swift the energy into creativity and share the love you put into the creation and pass to everyone you crossover to, which i m on the same road and totally can understand how you feel from my experience.<br />
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have to change negative inside to positive outside- which is the upside down you are doing now...<br />
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i wish you have a positive day starting today :)