I Was Left With A Baby And A Broken Heart

I am pregant with my ex bf and it's going 2mos now. He has a very complicated situation which in the first place i knew what his life is all about. He got his 2 gf's go prego at the same time one gave birth by jan and the other on feb, he had them at the same house together 3 of them, but conflicts do happens and so both girls are arguing. Girl A dared girl B to left their guy at the same time,but this foolish girl A was just trying to get rid with girl B, and so girl B left the guy and girl A was so happy about it that she can have him alone... So my ex and girl A were livin in together but with separated room, i know all about their stories as what he told me. We were friends first and then i didnt notice i was falling deeply with him. Then we had this relationship for a year, i broke up with him on june 26th and then when i was in his sisters house on 27th girl A went there just to tell me that they're still having sex since we had our relationship started until now. I finally decide to leave him after that but days after i broke up with i found out i was days pregnant with him.. We talked and i pushed myself for him so we can get back together and fix things but he said there's no more "us" its all about the kid... It hurts me so much and really dont know what to do, Girl A and him had a fight and got separated but i can see and feel that he still loves and want her, i feel like im almost on the ground eating dirt, stabbed and my heart pains so much... I cry all the time, not thiking about my baby coz i was thinking of this guy he left me with a broken heart..
xuji xuji
Aug 8, 2010