All Alone!

i love a man ....
but the whole world is against us...
its really complicated!!!
amy143 amy143
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2012

it's easy to talk,,but if you don't have money,,your familly who u really love will curse you,,then its hard to make a decision!

i think if he wanted you you would wor out something

iam older than him by 4 years....<br />
not that much :(<br />
i look even younger than him!<br />
its all about his mum,,shes so against that relationship!<br />
we thought of being together on our own....<br />
but his financial situation is 0!!!<br />
and he refused to let me even share!<br />
we have tried many times to break up,,but we are so close friends,,lovers,,soulmate!

I'm sorry. Is he from a different culture than you?