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this jerk was a work associate slash suppose to be a friend ,what is wrong with me that i would be married and fall for this aggravating person he is the only one that can **** me off in like 2seconds and the only one that can put a big smile on my face,it was only because my son was sick so he starts being reall nice you know friendly ,he thought because i spent money on him iwas rich ,anway long story short he was takingg a ride on me he told me we would not have been haing out if i wasnt spending money on him hear i believed in him to be honest and agood friend 9,150 honest enough ,then after spending this money on him after 3years he baciacally tells me i dont give af about you ,that he is better then me you no after i got him all this he wouldnt even by me acan of pepsi why was he so difficult ,so then we went through all this bullshit then i did somthing to him on fb and he got me fired igot my jo back then i was so mad at him i didnt care was i was doing to him then after he got his way got rid of me he writes me on fb wants to know if i will make a compromise with him i talked things ,now im at another store he is getting done ealier ,and im working much later hours , he was willing to finally pay me a little money but why did so much trouble have to be caused for him to care about anything ,then he says he is sorry at this point i lost all that money ,my job at the one store i was at ,had ahand operation from putting my hand in the wall lost the baby i had my sisternlaw has him she is tourting me she believes my baby is hers no she was ust taking care of him iwasnt in my right state of mine
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It seems that going through this bs with this man who was supposed to be a friend you discovered he was after your money instead of wanting to get to know you, any man like that does not deserve your friendship I like you for you the person you are the times we have corresponded you seem like a very sweet person.

thanks the pain he has put me through has affectted my life deeply thanks for caring your very sweet