Positive Vs. Negative Thinking.

I really struggle with a wave emotions, on a daily basis.

Currently, i'm on zoloft and it's helped some thus far. I feel broken inside on days when I go to weigh myself and feel heavy. I feel broken inside on days when I feel unloved and hopeless. I feel broken inside when I can't have what I most want.

On the other hand of things, there's so much goodness, such beauty in the world, if you care to notice it. And sometimes, I have to stop myself and snap out of my own negativity.

I want to be more in tune with that hopeful side to me, it's a heartwarming thing that I experience every once in a while.
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5 Responses May 12, 2012

thanks, best of luck 2 u

Thanks for all the positive comments!

You are a positive person.<br />
Likewise, I struggle too. Sometimes when I feel broken, I get absorbed into the beautiful things in the world that no one else find and I would smile a little but then you get pulled back into the sad you. What I sometimes do is take a deep breathe and whisper "this world is beautiful" to myself! <br />
Don't worry, if you want it enought, that hope of yours will never fade away.

I'm so glad that you are able to connect with that hopeful aspect of yourself, at least sometimes. I think that's a good start! Like you, I hope to strengthen my connection with that part, and learn to let go of the negativity.

You are always positive. But, there is some emptiness in you is to be filled. Find the emptiness and keep filling it. Do not give a space in your life. And if there exists a space the negatives will come and occupy. In a filled space, you are full of positives only. So, when that space is filled you used to feel heartwarming. So, the key is in keeping the space always filled.