Left With No Job, No Fiance And Big Fear Of Trusting People

My fiance left me after being with me 2 year.Our relations started from mutual agreement that we both wanted to build a family. He traveled to my home country and went to my father after 3 month being together and since that moment it all went wrong. He kept on postponing introducing me to his parents using millions of excuses and it continued for 2 years! I asked him many times to let me know if he changed his mind so i can leave, but he was keep promising saying that there are problems with work and nothing to do with me, so i have to wait a little, until 1 month back when he just left the country(still promising to take me wit him and that he informed his family about me already, which i believe was just sweet lie). As i was connected with him thru work, my management asked me to resign as before leaving he cheated( as per my employer, which actually was not true) my organization and because everyone new im dating him they had to ask me to go... I left with no work, my visa going to be expired soon, he stopped talking to me as per him i was stressing him a lot... All my life went upside down,personal and career in just 1 hour and all created by him. My problem is that im trying to find my mistake in all. I was pressurizing him a lot with marriage and he just run away. But i did it only because he kept on promising and went to my parents...( He is Muslim and my parents are very conservative about relations). Now i have a friend who i new since long time and who was proposing me while i was in relations with the other guy. Once by default i came to him for support, he is saying that he needs sometime as he lost all trust in me.... being in stress i noticed that i start pressurizing him either he merry me or i go.... I understand that all i do is under pressure of being alone, i just dont trust anyone anymore and so afraid that all this friend of mine was saying is also biggg lie. i cant and can understand the fears my friend is going thru with me, as i put in his head long back that i dont want to stay with him and he got along with it since that time. Please help me to understand that i shouldn't put pressure on anyone to marry me and how to get back confidence that my bad experience not necessarily will be repeated my another person...im just afraid to be thrown again and trying to protect myself by forcing for commitment... and it puts the guys in a box.... that what my friend told me already as well...
OleMole OleMole
May 15, 2012