Why Does It Take So Long For A Brokenheart To Heal

I hate it I feel broken,but trying to move on slowly :(
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The heart and soul are intertwined, but so is the thinking of what was in the mind. From personal experience, I can honestly say that it is a very long road to travel, as there is ourselves to unravel, yet also a placing of our feet on the gravel. Sorry, that was written in rhyme, but what I'm saying is that I felt like I was knocked off of my feet after all that transpired in my last relationship. It felt like my heart was shattered and scattered in pieces, like I was so lost and frozen in frost, because I did not know where to go or what to do. I felt like I could not move on, so I felt frozen in place without any clear direction. See yourself as a flame melting away the ice that can paralyze you living life. Move on and say " so long" to everything else that went wrong.

It's true and it hard but it is what it is moving on is best

Hi illuminate1 im sorry for the pain you are feeling,but let me tell u this time heals all wounds u may not see it now becuz ure in pain but I promise u it will get better.u have to let yourself go through the different emotions you will feel sad,hurt angry,confused,and a whole other bunch of stuff you'll feel but go through it to get it out of your system,talk to someone you trust and if they don't want to hear it then come on to this site and talk to differnt people, about ure stuff and their stuff and u will find yourself encouraging others and getting over yours the stuff at the sametime.it worked for me I never thought I would get over my ex,I cried so much I couldn't see myself being at peace but baby im so good now,I can't believe it,now im over him and staring a new business and im so happy.after a while he reggretted it but it was way to late.so im here if u want to talk you will be fine,and I learned through this process that u can't control another person if u try to u will push them away.take care hugs

I'm in the same boat and still trying to heal from a relationship that ended a couple of months ago, yet the pain is still so intense sometimes. Will it ever go away? I wish I could talk to someone going through the same thing. This is my first breakup from a long term relationship and I feel like I can't handle it and will never feel better. The thought of starting something with someone new makes me sick :(

I have just split with a partner after 9 yrs...its really sad and hurts so much it feels like I could suffocate in the misery and and gloom, but one corner of my mouth keeps trying to break out a grin because half of me is wanting this pain this healing instead of an open wound that can never get better, the relationship made me cry and be unhappy so many lonely times, I made the decision today to release myself from the torment of when you love someone more than they love you x Bless you all and I wish all who read this future happiness x

Hi that's so true but u know what I am glad even though it hurts,because its never good when u love someone more than u.take care ull be fine and karma is something else.blessing to u and all

I think I am ending it with my 3 -year boyfriend. To be honest, we were only great for maybe 6 months...after that it's been drama...but those 6 months were so amazing that we kept trying...I just don't see it going anywhere anymore. I feel even more in love with him than when we first met..but his love has just been fading. He still does everything to show he cares...but he has so much aggression toward me. He is always blaming me for things that go wrong and it's obvious he doesn't love me as much as I love him. He is just so annoyed with me and I feel he stays with me out of pity. I'm doing everything I can for him and I just feel like giving up.

The other night he called me on the phone. He is stressed out right now finding work and he has $900 in bills coming up on the first. He has no money right now. The first thing I thought of when he told me was "Well I did get one of those things in the mail for a pre-approved loan...maybe I can help him out" but before I could offer, he blamed me for his misfortune. He said "I should have been looking for work, but no, instead I was with you". He said it in the rudest way possible and I am overly sensitive. It really hurt me.

To all of you thanks so much for your comments and prayers it really helps.

Thanks to all the comments were great and help me to feel better.I was down in the dump yesterday,but after reading comments from all these great people today feels a little better,but true life does go on.thanks guys xoxo

I have felt that sense of loss and emptiness, and that path seems endless in front of you, but it is true that time does heal. Just look for another light within you and slowly but surely you will emerge stronger and ready for who deserves your love.

It has been said that time heals all wounds. The truth is that time does not heal anything. It merely passes. it is what we do during the passing of time that helps or hinders the healing process. It is such an irony but, that's how it is that life presents us with situations when there are things that we don't want to see happen but, have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go. At the end of the day, the only fact that remains is, as Robert Frost said, "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

I know the pain your feeling. But in the long run we will be better for the pain. That what my friends keep telling me. God bless you

Always remember the good things and it will heal you a little sooner then later:) I've been there before but promise you that light will shine soon in your life in due time. Take care:)

Its true and it sucks but life goes on,I like your comment its short but sweet and true thanks. Xo

I have the same question...it just seems like some days I'm good, over it, whew...and others I feel the hurt all over again...

it just takes time for the right person tae come along and put it back together x

Hi, chronicus maximus thanks so much:) doing my best to move forward xoxo