I saw you crying in the corner of the room
and I wanted to touch you but you were always so far away.
No one said life would be easy
but I was a fool for falling for the stars I saw in your eyes.
I'm crying now.
The walls we put up in our souls are mere distractions to disguise
the internal anguish and utter loathing we feel for no one in particular.
And I feel like a minuscule grain of sand slipping through your fingers
but it didn't matter that my world fell apart in your precious palm because you didn't give a damn.
You refused to let me believe in the angels that perch on life's shoulder
but I still feel the need, the pull, the want to wipe away your innocent tears.
The room gets smaller and I can almost touch your cheek but true to your nature
you laugh and walk away.


texastomboy texastomboy
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 7, 2012

Very touching...amazing.