I Just Cried

I just cried, kinda weird after all this time. I didnt cry because I missed HIM. I cried because I remembered the sting- I used to always say "He was ONLY verbally abusive" I didnt disclose that he hurt me. Hell, I didnt even disclose it to myself. I kept it all tucked away so I could have a sense of normalcy. and continue living with him. Afterall, I loved him back then. The few times it did get physicial, it was because I sparked his anger. I was a bad person.I deserved a belt. This wasnt a "Shades of Grey" kind of thing, he was angry, he hurt me. I forgot about all of that...Until tonight- now I am starting to see him for who he was and still is. I left him almost 3 years ago- so why now?
shellyCO shellyCO
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 21, 2012

Just remember "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" <br />
You deserve better so be strong!