Her Man

I was talking to a guy i met off of a dating site, we message back and forth for a day or two. Then we eventually exchanged numbers. We hit it off or so i thought. Due to my schedule i wasnt able to see him right away. So after about two weeks we finally meet. I asked him did he have a fb . He told me he didnt. I went and ound him on facebook, i found out he had a girlfriend , i also found him on instagram and seen again that there was a another woman. I asked him did he have a girl , he told me "When i moved here she wasnt going" I knew deep down inside that what he had told me was bullshit hell it wasnt even a direct answer. So even against my better judgment i contiune to talk to him. This next week he tells me he is going to tennesse to see and sick uncle , he also said that he was going because his uncle might die. Now i didnt believe that bullshit at all but i was passionate about it. So he went out of town and are convo was limtied while he was away. He was suppose to come back monday but didnt come back until late that night. So more and more info was pouring in about who he truly was, he aint have no dying uncle. Like who the **** does **** like that, thats sick as ****. So again i blast him on he lies and he tell me i shouldnt feel like that. And he pulls me again with the bullshit and i fall for it again. Now the most hurtful thing about this ordeal is i was celibate for a year and two month, before i met him. I was ready to take it to the next level because i thought i we were building something, So i slept with with him, unprotected at that. I feel so sick and dirty because i gave up something that was value to me , and the person who took it didnt value me as much as i thought. I final had a awakening and i realized that it was my fault i allowed him to. No one is at fault. Im not looking for sympathy or anything. Im just venting tell my story. It allows me to move forward with my healing process. Because at the end of the day i knew from day one he was and will always be her man
wantstobecherished wantstobecherished
22-25, F
Sep 6, 2012