Art Reflects Life

In the movie Steel Magnolia's where Julia Roberts character dies and Sally Field's character reacts to the tragedy by becoming so enraged, that's how I feel inside about my little brother. I am very enraged that I had to watch him get tortured as a child and get turned into the psychopath he has become today and helpless to have done anything about it. It's not fair that he is lost and I am here doing better. I feel deep guilt even though I too was powerless in the situation. I feel rage, heartache, hate, sadness, and guilt. That's just what's on my mind right now. I am only human after all. My dark side? This is it's origin--the hate that burns like a flame inside for what happened in those darkest hours. Is it even possible to let go of something like this? It has become my fuel.
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

I often feel guilty that I was born into a better situation then most. A big reason why I grew up contesting and opposing bullies.
I was born bigger, stronger and faster.
I was born with a sharp mind and attractive looks.
And I always stuck up for the smaller, less attractive people...
To some degree, I still do...each and every day. Probably why I am so beloved within my community today, and remembered by all those in my past.

I get, I understand your guilt.