I Feel Broken Also I Have 3 Kids And Husband I Have Feel Like I Am Having A Break Down

I have bi polar borderline personality anxitey chronic depression. I'm on meds but I have never felt this low and sad then mad. Crying don't even wanna eat so now the Dr says I have a anorexia
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Thanx for commenting. I try to let go I worry about the craziest things anymore. Not myself. I try to give my kids the love they need. They don't understand what is up with me. Then that brings me down more.

You should tell your kids; they will love you reguardless. They're kids. You can sit and map it out to them a/b/c heres whats wrong with me. But at the end of the day your still mom.

I told them a few times. Sometimes they call me crazy it hurts.Then it changes to wear they say sorry. I know I have problems. I'm on alot of medicine I've tried to tell doctor's how I feel there just worried ivhave anorexia due to this feeling

Ya you have this this and that but your letting it define you. Its hard to be positive in these moments but you gotta force yourself. I believe you can do it :D