Waiting For Nothing

Showing others that life is taking me to what i really wanted me to have and to hold.
But moving on is the hardest thing I could possibly do especially for someone whom I have treated as my best friend and secret keeper.
I've been dumped 3 times but on the 4th one we never had any formal breakup,
we never had a big fight, we had discussions and arguments but afterwards we try to fix it.
I feel broken inside when i found out he has already a family of his own.
And I could not easily recover from what I have discovered and felt so stupid, and we never talked seriously about it, i felt really fooled and never explained me how it happened,
and how can he love me if he was not that honest to his own self and not to tell me the truth from the moment we've met and from the time we became close. I gave everything just for him to be happy, the love I have for him made me blind from reality. As time goes by, the communication and simple talks disappeared, no closure and waiting for nothing.
kxel kxel
Dec 4, 2012