Lies.. What Would Be The Ending?

I have written article about love, trust and cheating. Seriously, my opinion regarding a love without trust is an empty commitment. But then, how would you trust your partner if he can’t even be honest to you? Relationship with cheating will hardly work out. But then, how would you call it a relationship without honesty and trust yet full of lies, with cheating and empty promises? How would you even deal with all of these crap? How can you even be relax when you know that your partner is cheating on you and keep swearing and saying things as opposed to what he really does? How would you hold on or fight if your partner keeps fooling around? There would always be doubt as you know that your partner is doing something behind you.

Yes, I can say my relationship with my partner is good enough. But that what I thought so. If you would look at it, my relationship with him is pretty good. He supports and provides what I want and need. But is that enough? No, I don’t think so. I need loyalty. I need him to be as good as he can be not just when he’s with me but as well as when he’s away from me. I wanted to trust him. Actually, I’ve already trusted my life to him but I found out he’s cheating on me as in seeing and sleeping with other girls. I have felt that before. I have suspicions about this matter before but he keep on saying he’s not doing anything wrong. I believed him regardless of what my instinct is telling me. But not very long time ago, I confirmed my instinct. What he have said of him being faithful to me are lies. Now, how can I be able to believe him that he loves me if he had been lying and cheating and saying I love you to others all along? It hurts me that bad. Am I not worth the loyalty?

What is there in the future for us if there are a lot of lies within the way?
makejessihapii makejessihapii
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012