Again And Again...

Again and again this keeps on happening,
I find myself feeling broken inside...
Things happen beyond my control,
Plans they had to change,
So why is this not understood?
Why it cause such problems?
Shouldn't the people.. the real friends understand and be there for you..
Know matter what?
Well i guess not!
Never listening...
Just shouting full of angry....
Hearing what they wish,
They choose...
Hurting and causing pain,
Everything i thought was real is not,
All i had is lost,
With one remark,
With one single decision,
One single day,
The tables are turned,
My life is upside down...
And I'm right back again breaking down,
A happy time of year..
I'm really not that sure,
Cause all is seems to bring is more and more upheaval,
and now a massive blow,
And so here i am again feeling broken inside........
sazzle82 sazzle82
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Sazzle, mind explaining where this is all stemmed from?

Well there is a number of reasons just all getting too much, just as think things can't get worse... they do..but i guess thats life just dont know how to deal with it im afraid! :)

come talk with me if you wish

Thankyou for your comments superficialife....sorry to hear you feeling the same, but nice to know in a way im not alone on these thoughts! :)