When Does The Lane Of Shattered Glass End

You ever just get to the point of giving up! I mean it just comes at you from every direction and you just have had your fill!
I have completely given up on love, why you ask? Because I think I am broken. I was married for 10 years, 2 beautiful sons. And he left us. For another woman he had been corresponding with online. After he left and throwing out the remaining items he had left in the house, I found where he had been having an affair. Life is grand isn't it!
So I give it 2 years to heal and then I start to test the water. A few dates here and there and nothing catches me. No spark... no nothing! Not even in a kiss. Which is weird! Then I met one and it was fast, the feelings that flooded me. It wasn't love but it was something and then he gave up. So I am thinking that something is seriously wrong with me.
I just think love is something obtainable for others but nothing more than a crazy dream for me! And I guess this is just a fact i will have to learn to live with. Just sucks because the holidays are here and yet another one..... I just feel like I have a puzzle piece missing.
Que sera sera right :)
grayPhoenix grayPhoenix
31-35, F
Dec 15, 2012