After The Talk

Since my last post, my husband told me that he knows he doesnt want to lose me, and he begged me to give him a chance to make things right, he claims he was talking stupid about loving someone else, he sd he doesnt want to have those feelings and he thinks keeping busy will make them go away, i on the other hand dont think its so simple, i told him you need to focus on our marriage, think about WHY you fell in love with me and all the good times we had the fun and laughter, so i dont know if he took my advice to heart, but the last 3 days he has been very loving and tender with me, as in he gives me all his attention when we talk, he has been telling me "i love you" every morning, and night, and on his lunch break... now to me this is a shock since he was never that type of person, so i think part of he reason is guilt, and also because the talk i had with him regarding divorce and how i will be protecting myself financially in case it ends bad. i made it clear the choice is his and his alone, i did tell him that altho i love him with everything i have, i cannot live a lie and pretend were are good or we stay together cuz hes grown too comfortable with me. right now im in guard mode, i dont know what to believe, i dont know how to recognize the truth from a lie at this point... how can i tell he is being sincere? part of me wants to believe it, the other part says DONT. So right now im taking it day by day and see what unfolds, i havent given him an answer on how long to give him to prove himself to me either, mostly because he proves himself and then hes back to the same crap, so i expect him to make the changes he needs to, and make it a habit and not something he does to get out of hot water with me.
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36-40, F
Jan 22, 2013