Heading Towards An Unknown Destination...

I had my b'day yesterday. Hoping for a new dawn, trusting for new life....i opened my eyes thinking someone special will wish me a very happy b'day with full of happiness. i tried. riding with my husband in bike was drastic combination...suddenly we cought into an accident. i had a head injury and badly hurt in back. and by god mercy my husband didn't get any injury. Thank god. i didn't have to go to hospital. my husband's sister, mother and himself gave me a grand party giving me a damn tourture...they made me cry for nothing. it was a mare simple matter, i asked them if i can wash dishes tomorrow.though they knew i had an accident they get back to me and hurt me too bad saying lots of things to me. They dreanched me in pain. at last i have decided to leave him. but he cried begging for sorry...and his sister did say sorry to me but nothing melted me. i don't know why though he treats me cruel, i always pray for his better success. i love him more than anything....neither i can forget him nor i can forgive him.....still i love him to death....

sovi sovi
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2007

You are a really strong person

could not get this story, nont understand , you only give snippets of something, EXPLANE BETTER,