Spinning Out Of Control

For a while now I havn't been able to feel any emotion at all.

 A little while ago I got tired of it and tried to OD on Valium I woke up in the hospital and they let me go considering it was accidental because despite not being able to feel anything I can fake emotion and lie very well.

Last night all of sudden for 4 hours I cried and I was so angry at everything I broke everything in my room until I was sitting in a corner in my room and I don't whats wrong with me now i'm back to not being able to feel anything or crying nonstop.

I use to cut and recently still do alot to take away the pain but even that doesn't help.

Most of the time now I feel like a empty shell. I hate to quote someone but the best way to describe it but I can't feel my soul my heart or anything even when I was angry and crying it was the same I was so mad but I couldn't feel it and I didn't even know why I was crying.

gygus gygus
Feb 10, 2010