Feeling Calm And Working Better

Yes i do feel calm when naked, i feel like it's my natural state, which it is, after all we were all born naked weren't we.
When i'm naked out in the open on a glorious sunny day i feel at one with nature, whether i'm alone or with other nudists (and some non nudists) i feel calm and contented with life, being naked is relaxing as well, and a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work.
Even when i have lots of jobs to do at home and i've set myself deadlines to get them done, doing them in the nude is still relaxing, working nude i am calm collected and content, and that calmness helps me to concentrate on the task in hand and do it more efficiently.
So far this year i've built a shed from scratch as i couldn't find a ready made one to suit my requirements, a log store for fire wood, and two benches for the garden, all look like they were factory made, all were conceived in the head of a man with limited wood working skills, and all were constructed stained and varnished, by the careful, calm hands and mind of a naked man.
I couldn't have done it with my clothes on as i wouldn't have the patience to check and check again that i'd measured it right, or got the right angle, nor to work out how to hold it up while i put it together, nudity gave me the calmness to stop and think about it before doing it.
So relax everyone, get naked, be calm and do it right, their's no other way.
barearse barearse
51-55, M
Sep 11, 2012