We Know What The Priests Have Done, Why Are They Still Priests?

I want to begin my story with one from childhood about when I was a student in a catholic school in Portland Oregon in the early 60s. You see, every day at a certain time is catechism, a class that teaches the new testament of the bible, at least that's what i thought it was now as I think about it. Anyway I remember when we got to the parable about Jesus coming upon a wedding party and how the father of the bride, I guess, complained he was out of wine and all he had were jugs of water, and the nun told us that Jesus felt sorry for them and turned the water into wine by magic for the party goers. 

 Now, I have known for a long time that ,my daddy was an alcoholic and I was taught that booze, no matter what form, is a poison and will destroy one. So, having been told that and knowing my mom to be an honest woman I didn't dare contradict her so I asked the nun when she called on me, i "If Jesus was the son of god then he knows everything god knows and knows that wine is not good for you so do you think Jesus would give wine to everyone there??""

 That was my first foray into politics, sort of. I never did take god and Jesus seriously, I always assumed it was a myth like Jupiter and Mars from Rome...so, I thought the question was rather astute, they didn't, I was in public school inside of a month... 

 And we have always had a sick joke about priests being gay or child molesters among other things, so I'm really not as surprised by the news of these transgressions as most were. I just want to know and understand why the parishioners are not up in arms so to speak, why are you not enraged AND DEMANDING THE RESIGNATION, AT THE VERY LEAST, FOR THESE MONSTERS??? Why do you just sit back and calmly allow the do nothing leadership to do nothing but ship them around to other parishes so they can continue their crime????  What will come of you when you find out that the whole organization is a fraud of course and that there is no god to sit at the right or left hand of anyway? What will come of the poop and his cronies when people finally wake up and smell the bird crap all over his head.  Doesn't it seem a little odd that every poop they choose seems to become a saint somehow??? How is it possible that every single one of them get beatified no matter what their administration was like..For instance poop Innocent.. of all names.. married his underage cousin!! Then he had her killed because he could not divorce her.

 I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry if you feel ridiculous but you are in a ridiculous religion. 

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I don't think you want an answer. I do think you are a very judgmental person who's aim is to ridicule people of faith. I really doubt you were ever Catholic due to your obvious ignorance of Church teachings and history. If you think I am judging you, I'm not, I am judging your actions.

Sad to say, but all religions seem to be the same way. I believe that overall people are just incredibly gullible or incredibly stupid. So you won't think I'm just casting aspersions, I've pulled some real boneheaded mistakes, too.<br />
Incidentally, real religion to me is just what Paul (in the Bible) said it is: "...to visit the widowed and the fatherless..."<br />
Ex: The Lions Club purchased eyeglasses for me and my siblings when we were children. Kudos to Lions Club!<br />
I read a book several years ago titled "Predators in Our Pulpits." To quote Sting: "They all seem like game show hosts to me." Actually in that line he's talking about politicians, but I think it still applies since most preachers are just politicians in a different skin anyway.<br />
I grew up in a town where a large part of the town is a seminary. It just keeps getting bigger and buying up more real estate. I don't see them helping the community. If they are making any donations at all, they must be miniscule.<br />
So, the solution as I see it: Nuke the white house, tear down all the churches, and put all politicians, lawyers, and preachers to death. If a preacher REALLY believes in God, he will escape. Any politicians who are God-fearing will also survive. What did the people who founded the USA have in mind? I believe we are so far off base we cannot return without a serious uprising.<br />
Note to Secret Service: I will probably not follow through on this, so don't be alarmed. My protest days are past. I was one who protested the "Police Action" in VietNam after having returned disillusioned from there. I thought I was going there to defend freedom for those people. I learned that it was all about oil and rubber trees for our political machine. So go ahead and put me in prison; I'm old, sick, and tired of working my fingers to the bone to support deadbeats and morons in D.C. anyway.<br />
Bottom line: it all about the Benjamins ($100 bills if you didn't know). I think it's high time we reduce salaries for politicians to minimum wage and see what they make of that. Also, income tax should have ABSOLUTELY NO exceptions. Whatever amount you earn, you should pay the same amount of tax percentage as I do. This country would become exceptionally rich overnight if this idea were implemented.<br />
And oh, by the way, I smoked Marijuana twice last year. Gateway drug my a**! That's also a habit I picked up in VietNam. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Right on Willie Nelson and Gatewood Galbraith!

That's why I'm proud not be religious.