School Choices

I generally avoid confrontation at all costs, so I have learned the gentle art of getting someone else to do the "dirty work"

After all what are grandparents for?  Right?

I wanted my daughter, who is high school age, to move to the city and go to a private girls college rather than the local public school.   I'm not a snob and I don't have a problem with the local school or the teachers, it's just that I was raised and educated at international schools on 4 continents ( my father, now retired, was a diplomat)

I want her to get an education in foreign languages as well as etiquette for young ladies.  

It would mean leaving her local friends and home here in a regional area.  She would visit home once a month for the weekend and every other school vacation.

Well to my surprise, she embraced the idea and even asked if she could stay with my parents ( her grandparents in their 70's)  instead of boarding at school.

I found myself wondering why she was so eager to leave home!   But then my mother cautioned me to be careful what i wished for.    I was all set up to do battle with a stubborn teen, but when the grandparents suggested school in Melbourne, she jumped on board with the idea.

Now I have to promise my son that he can transfer to Melbourne when he goes to high school next year!  

Tobias would be so happy, and much more at ease with the idea.  Funny, how when he was alive and we worried so much about the school situation, we considered homeschool or correspondence courses, but never even thought of  boarding school.
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As it turns out, both Sariah and Josh are now in top excellent schools in Melbourne. Their grades are through the roof...better than I thought their potential ! My parents say they feel *young again * looking after the needs of teens in the house. I have to admit that I love my parents ever so much and I remember them as being the best guidance during my teen years ! I'm just so grateful they were willing to do this for their grand kids as well.<br />
<br />
As an aside.... BG's parents on the other side of the globe have decided not to be left out, and have offered both children a fully funded foreign exchange programme during their senior year !

It sounds like you have the best of two worlds. I say, it the grandparents are ok with it, go for it. They will be better for it and you will get a little break. What are grandparents for?

She has the wisdom of her Mother :) she is truly lucky! And to be with her Grandparents could not be even more of a blessing!! Best to all!!When I was younger I spoke three different I wish they spoke more at home!!<br />
practice now tho....

I agree, and the change from being around me, being all depressed all the time. My parents are great taking on most of the parenting during my daughter's teen years

Children tend to surprise us, don't they? Mine impress me all of the time. I'm glad that your daughter is on board with the idea. I think it will be a good experience for her.