Figuratively As Well As Literally.

I have quite bad circulation, so when ever anyone touches me they always say i feel cold :P


But more than that, I get horrible feelings whenever anyone touches me. It's not like I've suffered or anything - there's no real psychological reason. Just whenever anyone touches me I feel really strong hate towards them. It's hard to control. Sometimes it's all I can do to stop myself from hitting people when they touch me. It's like - in the moment they touch me I lose all self control. I don't think. I don't speak. I don't do anything. I am just confused by an overwhelming desire to hurt them. It's scary :S

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I guess there must be quite a few people like this. I dunno why it's like this - I guess we're not very tactile :S<br />
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My current roommate is from China and doesn't speak english that well. He really doesn't get it and I can't explain to him why I don't like being patted on the shoulder.... it gets quite frustrating.

One of my close friends is like that. Its ok if like i touch him, but if someone else like touches his head or shoulder....all hell breaks loose.

I also hate when people place their hands on my shoulder. It's usually at it's worst when some one comes up behind me... I once elbowed my friend in the stomach by accident.<br />
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Still it's just another thing which I'm learning to deal with. Still very twitchy though.

I guess you just like your personal space a bit more than others. =/ I feel the same way about people I don't know very well. I feel uncomfortable even if their hand's on my shoulder. However, if it's my friends, then I don't mind.