Your Poem


I finally found you

After years and years of searching

You suddenly appeared

You, my wonderful you

Isn’t it neat?

How you make me feel complete


We are too much alike to be different

We are the same in every way

We have both lived our lives the best we could, each and every day

Knowing our hearts were empty,

We charged on for a hopeful victory


You appear out of air

I wasn’t even looking for you, I swear

You were just there

You taunted me with a dare


Now my every thought process includes you

I can’t even have a thought process without you in it, it's true

Who knew?

All this time, I thought love was hard to find

Then God gives us one hell ova sign


This is meant to be, I am sure of it

How else can you explain our common lives and experiences?

I can feel you from hundreds of miles away

Since I discovered you

Your every breath I take


I can’t stand it when you’re gone

Everything, just seems to be all wrong

I feel lost and alone

I need to hear your voice

Can you just sing me a song?


I crave your audience

I want you near

I hate this distance

So come here


Love me forever and I will leave you never

I promise you this; let’s make this work this time

It might just last forever and ever and ever


I love you


JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly
46-50, F
Sep 20, 2012