I Am Used To See Myself Alone

Whenever I see girls with guys walking by them side by side....I always wonder how amazing God is .He puts together two people who compliment each other in every aspect.They look cute together <3 they understand each other,they share their lives with each other,they tell each other about their side of sunshine each day.
And it feels so warm to have someone around you,looking in your eyes and someone who actually thinks and dreams about you!

Then my fears and complexes come in....that I have always been the second option of others.A rebound ,a shoulder to cry on and then to run away from.No one actually gave me a first thought.I only come in as the compromise.And love does not come from compromises.I am hurt for being so nice to people .For trading love with lies, deception and pain.And so in the end,the joke is on me.

Yeah but I think its the end that matters.If I am not at the first base but if I am the one someone wants to spend the rest of his life with,his past would not bother me.I think commitment is all about that.You do not look behind you or want to meet someone new.

I love myself.I have aacepted the way things are.I know that my issues do not affect anyone but me.So either I love my life and be thankful for it or consider it a waste.
Those who have someone special in their lives,go and tell them how much you love them.Do not wait for tomorrow.Cause you never know what might happen.And be very thankful for who you have.Consider that there are a lot of people like me who are unloved,unappreciated. 
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