That is probably because I am connected to the Universe just like you, everyone else, and everything in it. That seems like a fairly bold statement and it certainly goes against the "normal" grain of things. When I think about it I can't come to any other conclusion unless we are nothing more than an ant farm to some much higher being but even then we were still created from something.

What is that something? It is Source Energy. Everything in existence is made of the same Source Energy. We are just individual experiencing aspects of Source experiencing itself. One grand super consciousness made of infinite aspects. Just like a human body made of trillions of cells all linked together as one yet separate and individual.

Yet it is still more than that. Yes we are individual but what are we really? What is matter? Why it is nothing more than Source Energy whose vibration has been slowed down so much that it appears solid to us. That actually includes us too. Physicality is literally the Universe's way of teaching us separation.

So we truly are connected to everyone and everything. We just forgot how to sense each other vibrationally. Ever wonder why you can feel other people or maybe you can feel, sense, and just know one other special person well beyond just chance or coincidence? It could be as simple as your own energetic aspect vibrates in close resonance with another while it could also be something much deeper and more special.

Either way I always feel connected to the Universe now. It gets stronger and stronger everyday as I continue to realize and integrate the truth of we are all one into my everyday life.
Jericho7 Jericho7
36-40, M
Aug 25, 2014