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Hey everyone,

I created this group so that people who are often depressed can express their concerns and tell others what is making them depressed. This is a place for advice that is serious and where NO-ONE is allowed to laugh at your concerns or give STUPID advice like "if i were you i'd just kill him"ect. I hope that in time this group will grow and others will know that they have a place where they can talk freely.

Thankyou and i hope people will join and learn to express their feelings

REMEMBER:you are always entitled to your opinion but this group is not for answers of stupidity........ please always keep this in mind.
daredevilgirl daredevilgirl
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1 Response Sep 26, 2012

Thanks for letting me find this group....:)

your welcome :)

it will hopefully help me out..:) lol. i have alot to say..but im scared to say it..:(

write a story thats why i created this group

if i do...could you comment on it?...

of course! i am here to help you

well maybe tomorrow...ok? lol. i want to just think about the best way to write it...:)


hey.....:) i wrote the wanna read it?...although its quite short...

i did and commented :D

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