My Dad, My Hero

Once you had told me when you were gone that I'd pick up the pieces and I would go on.
You forgot to mention one tiny detail, somethings aren't easy, and sometimes I might fail.
There's times when the world seems to rest on my shoulders. Not another year wiser
Just another year older. I try to recall all you had to teach, like hold your head high, always be strong and, never let it show when things are going wrong. Have a firm hand but a gentle touch use force as a tool, but never a crutch. Bite your lip before you cry, always tell the truth, and never tell a lie. Always be sure to do your best. Of your family, and yourself always be proud, and be a leader never follow the crowd. Thank God everyday for all that he gives you follow him always in everything you do. Take some advice only when needed, but use your own mind that's how things get succeeded. I realize now how right you were everyday seems to get harder every year is a blur. An old man giving lectures is all I had thought there were lessons to learn, and lessons to be taught! I grasped one here I grasped one there as you lectured and preached while you sat in your chair. I always knew you were on my side, a firm foundation through all our storms of life
A sturdy hand to hold to in times of stress and strife. A true friend I could turn to when times were good or bad. One of our greatest blessings, the man that we call Dad. With all you've left me I have learned to survive. I still needed you here you were the one to make everything so clear.
you are apart of me and I am apart of you, and when you died a part of me died too. I never knew how hard it was to loose someone you love until the day you went to heaven above.
Even though I can't see, I know your up there watching over me. I miss you more and more everyday and all I can do is pray. In my heart you shall forever remain. I could write a million pages but still be unable to say, just how much I love and miss him every single day!!
I will always remember all he taught me, and I am forever daddy's little girl.

JustTrish JustTrish
36-40, F
Dec 16, 2012