I Don't Know How Much Longer I'll Keep My Life Together....

Last year i lost my aunt to Leukemia. Thats kind of where the emotionless part of me kicked in, in due time i started to get over it but started to cry from time to time for no obvious reason. I then found out early march that her daughter zoey my little cousin is was diagnosed with the same thing while i was at college. When my semester ended in may i found myself finally facing reality, the shopping trips and different girls aren't helping. I go to the hospital to visit an she is so happy, and i try to be strong. The problem is that i'm not really holding it together i cry at random times, i only sleep about 2 hrs a day, i packed my schedule for school, an i'll have a full time job next semester. I'm starting to pack my like with things so i don't need to think an its starting to drive me crazy. Just to think 2 yrs ago everything seemed great 1st yr of college .....I cant afford to lose her she's the light of my life an the closest i'll ever be to her mother ever again.
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I'm sorry...<br />
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I'm so sorry for everything you're going through, but you'd be surprised by how much strength you really have on the inside.<br />
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I hope you're feeling a lot stronger for posting that.