It Happend And Im Still Hurting

Im 20 as we speak. it all happend when i was young i lost my Mother at mere age of 6. lost my Father at an age of 10, lost my Grand-mother at the age of 3, lost mt granfather at the gae of 9, lost my uncle at the age of 11 and lastly lost my 7 uncle's then i was not yet born and again lost my brother at the age of 17 deep wihthin i am torned apart i feel so dead inside
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2 Responses Mar 12, 2012

yes i heard it all and thanx for the advice neh...................luv u lots

the pain will never leave compltetly, but your need to make it fade. i can imagine your pain, having lost a mother myself, and it hurts, a lot. find someone who will takl to you, and support you, not just thourgh your pain but being happy as well. throw yourself into life, without getting reckelss and the pain will fade. to quote luna from harry potter "the things we lose have a way of finding us again, even if its not in the way we expect" ♥