Where Is God When You Need Him?

Do you think god cares about us? does he love us? how many of us have problems, how many of us cry every night to sleep? where is god? why won't he care enough to answer our questions? if he is not there, are we just going to keep suffering? i loved a girl, i gave ger everything but my best friend took her away from me and i dont feel same anymore, im depressd every single day and i cant find an answer..
khaany khaany
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

If there is a god, he doesnt give 2 ***** about the human population on this planet, and most certainly doesn't concern himself with individual lives. It is up to us to make the best out of our various situations. There may not be a god listen to you but people are. Everyone has their heart broken at some point. It sucks, and it doesn't get any easier for a very long time. My fiancee just ended everything with me after 7 years. I know where your coming from. I would tell you there's hope, but I would be lying. Life and the world will beat you down and leave you for dead only to let you finish yourself off. Don't let it. You can get through this. As cliche as it is, time heals everything.