It Is More Or So At Meeself

I am so lucky,
I'm sure you don't want to hear that,
But maybe it is important that you know,
That I do love life,

Takes some techno songs to let it sink in.


Humility is my way,
Though so un humble I am,
And normally I would extra be.

Here's why.

I want to be found.
And raised.

Isn't that kinda wrong?

I mean I want to be raised to help others,
Chosen to help others,
As Omens of sky shine my eyes,
Like this little light that could come from the ceiling fan,

Sometimes I see these little flickers,


I take it, this way

I know honesty is a good force

But so is silence

So a poem to this:

Sky, what you want of me, I shall deliver,
Earth, what you want of me, I am terrified I can't deliver.
Honesty, sometimes you are my grief in egocentrism.
Humility, I barely know your name.
Peace, I try, but inside, it's tough.
I try to get answers and can't.
I don't speak to ghosts.
I don't have this alien contact.
My intuition is muffled between languages
I am stuck in this, intrigue of wanting to know,
And knowing sometimes,
But just giving it up.

PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
26-30, M
Dec 1, 2012