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I was born with a good heart that feels so much for others in pain or sufferings. Sometimes i was badly hurt because i feel too much. Now i know how to surrender my feelings to God. Only HIM can help.
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Thanks my dear sister.

Have a heart full of endless Lov and compassion so much giving ...Many blessings are given to those that give with a pure heart as yours~

Thanks for your comments,Perseverer and Caramelicious.God Bless.

I totally understand and feel the same way.

You have an enormous capacity to empathise with others in their sorrows while at the same time surrendering your own to God. Therein lies the source of your strength.

Thank you for your comments.God Bless.

I'm the same way!! I have a big heart that is always willing to help others but sometimes it gets trampled on. However, I am who I am and I am learning to put boundaries up so that I don't get hurt but I will always be kind-hearted!!!