I Get Attached Quickly

Whenever i meet someone new that i seem to get along with well then i become attached to them easily and then i always feel very hurt when it doesn't work out between us. I wish that i didn't ever have to be at all dependent on somebody else, but i just get attached since i don't have any real close people in my life and when someone I really like comes along, it's paradise for me.

I wanted to take things slow in my past relationships, but i never really did. I always rushed it a bit too fast and that was difficult not to do.

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2 Responses Jun 20, 2008

wow...this felt like i was reading about myself. i feel exactly the same way. i really appreciate the comments here. <br />
you are right tomolan, i guess we have to find ourselves first. i have always scared people away from my over-loving n over-caring nature.<br />
i have a tendency of thinking about anyone i care about to help me through the day. i want to be a little selfish now and think of myself, love myself n stop needing people to that extent. i want to take things lightly so i can enjoy life a bit more. <br />
Thank you all for this story and comments

There's a level of desperation in finding someone you connect to when you've felt very little of it up to that point. I've always had a tendency to ignore negatives in a person and inevitably it comes back to bite me in the ***. What you are isn't a bad thing, you're sensitive (it sounds like a swear word the way I say it) :P...most people just tend to see that as a free ride or something to be exploited...I've wound up internalizing most of it...I don't say much invariably personal and rarely, if ever, open up emotionally or personally for fear of being taken advantage of again. It's that aspect of myself that forces me into diving into things headfirst when I find someone who seems to care, I accept the things they say at face value because if I don't I'm afraid they'll walk away and I'll have to wear my mask all the time again.