Im not saying im completely depressed all the time, but i know that even when im happy ill always be sad.. y'know? It's like im not meant to be happy... I get into depressed states every couple of months (and no im not bipolar)... even if i've just had the best few months of my life i know im just going to fall back into depression and to be honest i cant stand the thoughts of living the rest of my life like this.
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Almost like an emotional parasite sucking away at your soul, right? Mine comes, and mine goes. What gets me through the bad times, is that I know they will end, and I can feel happy for a while (or at least has happy as one with depression can be) Don't give up on yourself.

Yes exactly!! Like a 'darkness' (corny i know) that lives inside of me, that ill never get rid of. My problem is that i lose sight of the good times so i end up dragging myself by until something good lifts me up! Thanks so much, you too ok? :)

Sometimes I have the darkness in check, and sometimes the darkness beats the stuffing out of me. Lately find he has been chalking up more victories than I have. I'm not giving up hope though. :)

I know the feeling! Good to hear, keep your head held high :)