Wanna End It All

I feel like i'm nt going anywhere
KieshaBudhoo KieshaBudhoo
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Hi Kiesha,

Just came accross this. Are you feeling better today?
Heavenly Father, please bring healing to this woman's emotional and spiritual well being. Let her know she is truly loved by you. Pull anything out of her psyche that is causing her to feel worthless and depressed. In Jesus name, Amen.

If you feel stuck, by ending it all you will definitely be stuck for good.

Life is about movement, creating the moment, living the moment - you're going nowhere because you don't have to. You're supposed to be right here and now, reading this (if you do), and soaking it in. Every moment of your life is THE moment.

Sounds like nonsense - I know - but it's the truth of life. Go to a park, the beach, the mountains - anywhere where there's nature - sit down, breathe in quietly, empty your mind and observe nature and the universe around you.

Start by doing little, plan a few things you can accomplish for the day. Watch a movie, listen to an entire album. Run or walk a mile. Call a few people. Try to find some pleasure in life (pleasure is OK) Then plan for a week something doable. And so on and so forth. Try to do some community service, help those who need some help, and you will not believe the sense of purpose and the feeling of love and connectedness that it brings.

Ending life is not the answer. Energy is eternal and endless - cannot be destroyed or created - it can only change form. That's science. You're made out of matter which is condensed energy. That's science. There is a HIGH PROBABILITY that you may still exist even if you end it all, and your problems will follow. Solve them here. Make no enemies. Help who you can. And start by helping yourself.