Completely In The Dark!

I am a 29 year old mother and wife. Four years ago I found out my husband of 7 yrs liked to spy on family members while the they were taking a shower. I thought I could some day leave that in the past and move on with our lives. But sadly I have to live with depression every day due to the fact that I am still with my husband. I chose to stay with him because I do not want our children to hate me for leaving their father, I also would like them to have both parents at home. But now I realize this might not have been the best decision because thou the kids are happy they have both parents together, I have become a sour and aggressive mother to them. I feel as if I am a walking dead person. I have no love or desire for my husband. I'm losing intrest in life. I only wish God could enlighten me and show me what is best for my children and I.
Toriluna Toriluna
26-30, F
Dec 5, 2012