Today i am feeling a bit depressed and down, i dont feel like i am going anywhere in life and feeling lost and i am not sleeping well latley, But i am looking for the positives in life
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remind positive. and focus on the good things in life. XOXO

I know exactly how you feel, some days I am okay somedays I am not. I am a thinker also and I constantly mull over the same crap. The thing is that we all are searching for our place in this life. Don't fall into the trap that if you don't have anything you want or have society's ideal you are a failure. Life is much more than commericals. Have some fun, go out with your friends. By doing this you should be able to feel better, then focus on the things you want in life. Give yourself credit for the positive things you have in life. For one thing you have empathy, and that's a rare trait in this life. Now you have to stay something nice about yourself :)<br />
Take care things will get better.

Thanks, i just have to keep on thinking about all the positives i have in my life. :)

Try to keep your spirits up. It's easy to feel blue. If only some our deepest heart's desires could and would come true...