New Year Blues

upon waking up this morning i was freezing and groggy the weather was miserable very appropriate for how i was feeling, everyone is banging on about new year and there plans which is great for them but not so great for me, not even sure why i feel so down, my boyfriend and i was going to spend new year together as he was with his children at his ex girlfriends for christmas but last night she decided to spend new year celebrating and would like him to babysit i feel what happens in our relationship revolves around what she wants and when she wants it i understand they are his children but what about us is that selfish?

jess101 jess101
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 30, 2006

His ex may need to discover that he is not her full time babysitter, and that she needs to get someone else unless he gets notice. However, if he doesn't get to see his kids often, he may enjoy the opportunity to see them. Whether or not you want to have your schedule be affected by his kids may be a deal breaker.