Feel Depressed

i have worked hard for my parents got them everything they wanted help my sis gettin married and now she is on the verge of divorce.i feel so miserable for her.i am pregnant with my first child and the worry abt my sis's future is killing me.i cant sleep at night,start crying thinking why i did not help her more before she decided marrying the looser.

after givin all my hard earned money to my parents.i feel like looser as since past one yr i hv a less payin job and almost no savings and to top it i had this planned pregnancy due to my biological clock,i didnt end up with IVF's.My husband is a nice guy but with no ambition and doesnt make enough money.

right now my life sucks.

miindia miindia
1 Response Sep 28, 2008

Hi Miindia, I do not envy your position. Please remember that you will get through it - with the help of your husband and parents and sister or without them. You alone are the only one that has control of your future. Remember that there are others that are feeling low and that you are not alone. If you can reach out to your friends, co-workers, or even people here on this site for emotional support, please do. You are not bothering anyone with your problems - we all need a support system to get us through tough times although in the end, you will know that you always had that power within yourself. <br />
<br />
Similarly, your sister is going through tough times with her divorce, but know that in order to help her get through it, you will have to take care of yourself first. Also, she is the only one in control of her future - not you nor your parents nor her husband. You must learn to trust that she will make the right decisions and learn to take care of herself - and hopefully you will eventually learn to let go of that worry that is killing you.