Mile run, more work out, bike ride in the country, baseball with the family is what I do when I'm so depressed... and it still isn't helping me any /:
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thats a lot of things to do... but how about talking with someone about how you feel?... maybe they can cheer you up?

Well it helps me take my mind off things at the moment. I really don't feel like talking to any of my family, I basically just go to a room where no one is and stay there while I'm at my grandmas. Talking to everyone up here is like asking for them to bring you down in life, they are great at making people hate themselves.

no.. theres some guys or girls out there that want to comfort you i promise you... look if you want to talk with me message me im always free... i always do this all the time i understand you i promise

I have people I can talk to (right now I'm just out of town) I just haven't wanted to be around anyone lately. I only came up here to these people to be out in the country for awhile to actually be able to be with my brother. I have many people who has offered to help me, and are there for me through the ups and downs I just don't haven't wanted to talk to them...

oh ok... ill still be here if you want it though

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