Watching glee reruns and it was their senior prom, and pretty much everyone was in a relationship.... I seriously hate being a teenager
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You don't have real depression

Or you haven't been diagnosed coz you don't just feel it like once a week you feel like **** all the time

What your talking about is being sad theirs a ******* difference

What do you mean I don't know what life is like you don't know **** of what I've been through

Lol rotfl

No it's my mission to inform ignorant people

I don't know your life but I know your not depressed

If you were really depressed your parents would know

I have been diagnosed with depression and I'm mitt getting kicks out of this I'm trying to educate people about it

And at least you know your parents

You can't be bitching to someone who has it worse than you

I wasent bitching I was informing you that your just begging for attention

And if you think I'm bitching scroll up a little ways what do you call that

Bye ms. Pay attention to me

Ummmm you can prove a point and ***** you know

That was what you were doing

Shut up.

Sorry I just angry when I see sick people hurting someone I care about.

Man. I'm glad i don't live near you. I'd beat da living **** out of u just how my dad does. So when u give advice u ******. U say it in a nice way not to offend anyone. I try to do that. Now. Since u look like a teen girl how is gay to da fullest and looks like a tomboy. How bout go **** ur self sir.

God you sound gay as **** and your glad you don't live near me for a resin

Lol ok mr. Ilovecats


I sound gay as ****. U look gay ur self fucktard. Suck a **** will ya. Oh wait u did.

Lol how would you know what I do

And at least I'm attractive enough to out a profile picture

Bye ******

And so what I like cats they look nicer than ur gay ******* face.

Sorry I really have to go I'm deathly allergic to extreme ******


U look like a ****** ur self sir. And ur not attractive. U look like a girl with a ****. I see u wanna raise money to take ur **** ou. God made u a man stop making urself gayer than u look

Speak louder your faggotness is making every thing stuffy

Oh and the little ***** is back

Hurray -_-

Atleast she's more good locking than you. And she's a girl would you look at that.

Ur a gay ****** that looks like a girl

Hey you little ******, how about you stop using ****** as an insult? People like you **** me the **** off. You've been disrespectful for the past 5 hours and that ****** me off. Did you not have anything better to do with your life? Seriously, this is no way to ******* act. Act mature, you'll get no where in life by acting as a fucktard.

U need to shower. What da filthy of **** smell all over you

I'm not attractive worth **** IK that but better than you

I need to shower brb

Lol I have never really been mistaken as a firl


Ya she came back cause u had a small ****. She said it wouldn't go up like 1 inch

What lol

Try 6 1/2

Ya in centimeters

Ohh I'm so scared block me. Hahaha u *****. Can't think of anything else to say. Hahahahahah

No your mom smelled when I ****** her last night so I don't wanna walk around smelling like a *****

You wisj

Lol man you got owned, just stop humiliating yourself now.

I got owned? Lol

Hey just an idea that Ilovecats fad for coughs on to not putting his face for a profile picture ... You shouldn't either

Sorry again in english please

**** *caught

And I just hate it when people what other to feel bad for them over bothing

Do you have authorities in your fingers when typing cuz really man, half the stuff you have said in the past what 15 hours have made no sense.

Oh my god bye I'm blocking you if you text me again

****** have fun being raped by your dad tonight

Ok a person is born with a depression or has it from traumatic events not from someone telling them the truth :/

And I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings and I hope you get over your ""depression""

I'm more mature that the little girl who Wants attention by saying she's depressed when she's not

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