Serching For A Loved One

I have been searching for my DAUGHTER for 38 years. The mother & child fell off the EARTH since 1971. I've only been on the computer for 4 months now. I am still seeking her. This has caused me great HEARTACHE & SORROW. Sometimes the DEPRESSION OVERWHELMS me. It has now reached a point that it has reached a point , that I can't handle it. I've been on  MEDS  for a couple years now. I never realized over the life of a life time the DEVASTATING effect it can have on you. The TREMENDOUS DARKNESS I feel like i'm in day & night has a very DRAINING effect  on the HUMAN SOUL. I feel  like the DESTRUCTION of the human soul is my only alternative left because there are NO solutions,NO answers,& NO relief for what  i'm feeling, NO HAPPINESS JUST SADNESS & EMPTINESS FOREVER. ITS a lot more than that, what I'm going through but you get the story. Any advice from any one.      "PAPABEAR"

56-60, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

PAPABEAR, I want you to know I'm here for you!!!<br />
Your Friend ALWAYS!!<br />