No Matter What I Do, I Will Never Be Good Enough!

I blame Disney for his fairy-tale ideals. Moms and dads, make sure that when your daughters are playing dress up and think that they are princesses, make sure to tell them that what they are watching in the movies…. Is not what life is really like. There is no prince charming coming to rescue you when the evil sorceress is trying to kill you! I Good guys don’t exist anymore.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I know exactly what your talking about. I was explaining this to a guy who was complaining about his girl friend or ex girlfriend ..that he just cares and so on but he doesn't even respect her nor love her he is leading her on.. most women never see it coming cause they think men think they way they do. HOW CAN THEY when we are taught those fairy tales taught to hold a doll and love it for years .Sit around dreaming or Mr wonderful then you realize .Boys toss trucks and cars and stomp about more freely than little girls they are taught independence and non emotional play cant hug a toy truck or GI Joe . they are ready for battles and building things and the girl thing seems like a bonus to them I guess instead of men respecting the women they decide to be intimate with its just another toy for them to toss. I truly believe boys that grow to be nice men are taught this from early on. Not to expect women to be picture perfect not to expect them not to fall in love or freak out when you realize they love you and this could mean so much more responsibility. they cant handle more they think they can but no . since we are so emotional in comparison. we suffer and yell for attention and love and even get crazy when we think we are losing the one we love. they just see oh yea that chick went psycho even if they loved you and wanted this fairy tale even told you that we will live happily ever after.. yea right don't count on it. I hate the fact that I never wanted to marry till my ex proposed to me and created this wonderful dream and goals for us then in the end he bolts to his mothers house saying he needs to think and will be back . I of course flipped out tossed his stuff out told him never come back then ..I knew something was up how ca you wanna go and leave that person in torment? worried wondering whats he doing cheating. saying nice things to someone else fooling another? ugh so unfair no such thing as prince charming is so right~!