well the title of this story is obvious how  I'am feeling-depressed- I have felt like this for a long while-about a year. Its getting to a point where I feel like im losing my mind and I cant cope. It sounds easy for me to seek help but I dont know who to turn to, I have told my parents that I felt like this for a while but they think its just a teenage phase although I know its not, its more serious than that. I feel completely hopeless worthless and pathetic.
    Iam not doing well in school  and my  grades have plummeted!. I'm a very shy person which deters my social life as a result I don't have many friends and the friends that I do have are not very good ones, I would even be happy if I atleast had one amazing friend that I can confide In arghh!, so frustrating.
    I am pessimistic about the future and worried that I will not get a good job and the economic climate doesnt help much. This creates alot of anxiety and stress which mounts on top of my depression and just grows into a deeper world of despair.I know if I do not go and seek help this will get worse and worse and mabye get to the point where I can't possibly deal with it anymore and consider ending this pain and depression.
If you feel like I do then I totally empathize with you and just know that YOUR NOT ALONE, I am going to try and get better my looking for help come and join me on this plan if you feel like I do :) , I know you will get through this, it might not seem like it as you feel like nothing good is going to happen but it can and will.
  I have searched some ways of dealing with depression so that it is more bearable try some of these ,they help me they might help you :)
-listening to your favourite music
-writing your feelings down, this releases some of your stress and feelings you can't hold in.
-doing exercise- even a walk, exercising releases a hormone called ondorpahnce ,which makes you feel relaxed.
- bieng with your friends,although you may not feel like it, I really don't sometimes but it keeps you occupied and it taked your mind off things for a bit.
-it's ok to cry its only natural if you feel depressed :)
-keeping yourself busy-again it takes your mind off things.
-reading books
-this might be a hard one-talk to someone you trust and confide in, expressing your feelings to someone you know will understand and listen is a good start to getting better and maybe that person will seek help for you too.
There  are some helplines that give you advice with depression
-samaritans-08457 90 90 90,or you can email them at
-there is a website to guideing you on depression and how to deal with it -
         I hope my story and tips have helped you in some way and shed light on your situation. If you want to talk to me please dont hesitate to message me I would like to talk to someone who feels like me ,and please comment your story :), Its good to let it out :),ok
thanks for taking your time to read this, 
from Jodie xx

xxJodiexx xxJodiexx
18-21, F
Jul 16, 2010