Not of This World

I am not of this world. Sometimes I feel it so much more profoundly than others, though. I feel so out of place, so misunderstood! I do not understand humanity at all sometimes. I am a pretty smart person... but I just don't get it. it's like there is some metaphysical barrier between me and the world most people live in. It does not help that I cannot make myself become a part of a corrupt society. I mean, sometimes it just seems like I don't belong here, and at other times I am so disgusted by humanity that... I feel even less a part of this world.

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I can understand how you feel. Most of the time, I am detached from what is going on, and stuck in my own little bliss bubble that I find it hard to engage others on a level that they find meaningful. I have been doing yoga and meditation for several years now, and have successfully detached myself from most of the day to day on goings in life, but I still find it hard to untangle myself from very emotional encounters, and I often get labeled as uncaring or stoic by others for my lack of engagement. Through my eyes, the world is self perpetuating. There really is not that much to do, and all things will work themselves out as the ought to be, despite what I may do or think. I also do not see the need to get involved with anything beyond what is in front of my face at the time.

I know how you feel.. Feeling not of this world, so out of place, like a rock in a sack of marbles.. Same.. Its why I have very few friends, and find it hard to socialize with pretty much anyone in this world.. even people like me.. I dont fit in.. The only people I can feel comfortable around are those who are from where I am from..

Wow, that is very perceptive of you! I am always glad to encounter another who can see the light of truth .

Maybe the reason that our feelings of "not belonging" on earth is due to the fact that we are only here for a very short time lol. We certainly do not "belong" here in any permanent way. We obviously are just passing through.<br />
Maybe the world is like a big Greyhound Bus Station. :)

I have felt and still do feel like the world around me is just a movie. Like it's a puppet show. Like it's a painting painted for me in many bright colours so that I will not notice that I am not really "there". It's really weird .. As if I'm actually watching a movie. As if the "world" is trying to fool me with all the things around me, dragging me through certain emotions and stuff just to keep me distracted from the truth.<br />
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I have felt like this and even got scared of everything around me.. it's really difficult it's like I am abnormal or sth that's how I feel I spend so much time thinking that everything I do , say or think is abnormal. Everything I own is abnormal. Even the colour of my wall is abnormal, or that pencil on my desk.<br />
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I've been paranoid for quite a while I think. <br />
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But anywho, I feel like I don't belong to "earth" either sometimes.

I can see aspects of each type in myself.<br />
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I do see the world so much differently that you, though!

I am not of this world either. It is like I am the prototype for the next stage human evolution. Lord, it is is a *****. I do not care for duality and dislike having to perform on the "either-or" stage. Either-or thinking means black vs white, good vs bad, high vs low, holy vs corrupt. Duality does not represent the world I perceive. My world is very beautiful pencil drawings rendered in every shade of gray. I have to use the standard model of thinking to fit in. Perhaps everyone does. I like the phrase metaphysical barrier, that is interesting.<br />
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I am sensitive, therefore, feeling detached is my save haven. I happen to be the Prophet type. Your words indicate you might be your own version of the same type. Prophets are people with special gifts who often feel they don't fit in. They can be thinkers and intellectuals. They like solitude and are loners. The world needs their gifts, yet they are often shunned. I enjoy being high-minded. You clearly are. Disgust has nothing to do with it.<br />
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The five types are: Lover, Creator, Warrior, Visionary and Prophet. This system is derived from the four humors: Melencholic, Sanguine, Choleric and Phlegmatic. Just saying.


Yes, I can agree with that. I am glad we understand each other a bit more.

Pteriax, ah now we are beginning to understand each other. You are disgusted with many of the "ACTIONS" of your fellow humans. I share this disgust with you. I am also disgusted with many of my own actions--when I look back on my life. And I too have loved and continue to love many people whose actions have caused me great pain....We humans must be careful in our choice of words. Often--we simply misunderstand each other because of our choice of words....The great insights and profound thoughts we have--are often beyond our ability to express in words......This world is so utterly beautiful----it amazes me that we humans manage to make ourselves miserable when we are surrounded by the glorious LOVE that is manifest in this wonderful creation....The Stars----the plants -- the animals---kindly gentle acts of our fellow humans....ah yes ---I am often a fool---have shared all the flaws and sorrows of my fellow humans through the years....I am so grateful for my life in this world-----THE WONDER OF IT!!!!

I am aware, aurora777... In case you were unaware, I can be disgusted with the actions of someone and still love them. Such is the case with my wife. She left me, looted my house, lied to everyone... I still love her. The fact that I love her and she does these things causes me great pain.<br />
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gryfnn... You need to quit making assumptions... obviously you haven't a clue how I feel or why I feel that way. Read some of my 300 or so stories to get a fuller picture before you go claiming to know all about it again - you make yourself into a fool otherwise.

I may be mistaken but my impression of Satan's take on humanity is that he finds humanity "disgusting" and has nothing but contempt for us. You said, "Sometimes I feel it so much more profoundly than others, though." What a powerful individual you must profess to KNOW what all other humans feel----and you FEEL more profoundly than they do.

"Sigh" Jesus is the Son of God. He is also the son of Mary. How can you be disgusted with "Humanity" without including the son of Mary? Obviously you feel superior to us lowly humans -- so.........I am truly sorry if I have offended you or any of "God's chosen."

The Word says: we are in this world but not of this world, speaking of God's chosen. Be thankful for this but remember that Jesus always had love and compassion even on the multitudes. Moses brought the law that no one could keep but Jesus brought grace and love, through the 2 greatest commandments, the second one being: love your neighbor as yourself. The reason you feel the barrier is probably because there are only 2 choices, you either serve God or Satan. And sadly, most of the world has chosen to serve the god of this world.<br />
To comment on the other comment; yes, love is always kind. Read 1Corinthians chapter 13. It uses the word charity which means love in this case.

Wow, you completely missed the point of the story, assumed false things about me, judged me for those false things... Incredible. And you think I am a bigot who does not know love? That sentiment is laughable. It is the very aspect of humanity that you have demonstrated so well that disgusts me!

"humanity" disgusts you? Perhaps you should take people one at a time. Such complete bigotry and prejudice must indeed alienate you from this suffering and yet glorious world---created by the God you profess to love. How interesting that you assume that you are qualified to "understand" humanity. You could live with and love one person, your entire life and still on some levels, that person would remain a mystery to you. I read somewhere, "Love your neighbor....." And one of the definitions of "love" was......"Love is kind." Perhaps, if you apply yourself to learning how to "love"--you might see your fellow humans in a different light.